Websitesforyou Group

Cost-effective, Professional Web Design
for Small Businesses in Hampshire

A business and community portal promoting
Social Enterprise, social change, innovation, inclusion and action

Websitesforyou Group based in Hampshire, we are predominantly a website design company.  Offering an affordable, effective website design service to small and medium sized companies searching for a professional but cost effective website.
In addition we also offer a range of support services including Admin, monthly accounts, social media setup and events and business promotion.

Why Am I Different to Other Web Design Companies?

I also offer a fabulous and interest payment method that is easy that is free.

This implies that you don’t have to choose for an affordable template website that appear the way you would enjoy or doesn’t function the way it will. I give you the possibility to have affordable professionally-designed website, customized to satisfy the needs of your business that is unique.

we are able to create bespoke packages to suit your needs including domain names, website hosting and business support.

we also want to raise awareness of the importance of social enterprise which will affect us all in some way in the near future


Our vision of the Portal is to help and support the local and national community to understand social change and social enterprise to help to become more innovative & creative. Giving you the power to be included in Social Change and our website links will provide you with the tools and knowledge of how to become part of the Revolution known as Social Change

In addition to this we will be providing discounted services for  New Business Startup & Social Enterprises


Part of the vision of Websitesforyou Group is to help create and develop The Dementia Friendly Community.


Address List

  • 38 Howard Road
    Hampshire. PO2 9PS
  • 07305 795212
  • trevor@websitesforyougroup.co.uk